Donate to Pachamama Alliance

Donate to Pachamama Alliance

Support A Sustainable Management Plan for Balsa in the Amazon

The recent increase in demand for balsa wood has led to uncontrolled harvesting in the Ecuadorian Amazon that is threatening the ecosystem. To mitigate this high demand, Pachamama Alliance’s sister organization in Ecuador, Fundación Pachamama, is now working with the Achuar and other Indigenous groups as well as with academics and scientists to develop a sustainable management plan for balsa wood production in the Sacred Headwaters region.

Donate to Pachamama Alliance to support a sustainable management plan for balsa wood and the self-determination of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Headwaters region.


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Our mission is to empower Indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

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