You can help close the wealth gap in America today.

“The economic distress of America’s inner cities may be the most pressing issue facing the nation. The lack of businesses and jobs in disadvantaged urban areas fuels not only a crushing cycle of poverty but also crippling social problems…The establishment of a sustainable economic base — and with it employment opportunities, wealth creation, role models, and improved local infrastructure — still eludes us despite the investment of substantial resources.”

-Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review

Founded in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising, ICIC is a leader in urban economic development thought and practice. We aim to drive inclusive economic prosperity through our innovative research and programs.

By donating to ICIC, you’re providing small business owners from America’s under-resourced communities with access to:

Join our effort today and you can help create jobs, income, and wealth in historically underserved and economically disadvantaged communities across the nation. 

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