African Inland Church Tanzania

African Inland Church Tanzania

Equipping AICT Pastors with Contextually Relevant Biblical Content

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Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) seeks to carry out holistic mission to humanity, to the Glory of God. In this pursuit, AICT has identified the Africa Study Bible as a vital tool in conducting pastoral ministry in Tanzania due to the various contextual issues that the Africa Study Bible addresses.

AICT will therefore, equip 400 church leaders using the Africa Study Bible, in order to empower them to more holistically address the various contextual issues that confront them as they preach, disciple, and offer Christian counselling in their communities.
400 English speaking leaders of AIC Tanzania churches will be taken through a 2-day Training of Trainers Workshop on the Africa Study Bible, to equip them to develop relevant preaching, discipleship, and biblical counselling content. This Workshop will be held in Mwanza in January/February 2020.

Funding Needs
In order to meet this need, $6000 is needed to supply Africa Study Bibles to 400 church leaders who will be trained during this 2-day Workshop

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