Matthew Brima's Kenema and Kailahun Districts for a Pastors Conferences

Matthew Brima's Kenema and Kailahun Districts for a Pastors Conferences

Provide a transformational resource to 100 Pastors!

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Matthew Brima, is a Master of Divinity student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. As an former executive of the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone and General Secretary of the IFES movement in Sierra Leone, Matthew was able to travel across the country working with local churches. He has met an overwhelming number of pastors in his part of rural Sierra Leone who only have copies of the New Testament because they can’t afford to buy the full. So, the members of their churches are only taught from the New Testament, a situation which obviously provides challenges for effective discipleship. Even though these pastors can’t afford the sum of buying good Bible resources, in some places the challenge is even accessibility—materials are not available.

This December, Matthew is traveling to Sierra Leone to bring together pastors from the Kenema and Kailahun Districts for a Pastors Conference. The major highlight of this year’s training will be in the use of the Africa Study Bible, a session led by our editor, Dr. John Jusu, who also was born in Sierra Leone. Both Matthew and John believe that he Africa Study Bible is one of the best resources for providing effective preaching help within the African context.
The Difference You Will Make
As noted by Dr. Jusu, the editor of the Africa Study Bible, good biblical training in preaching and teaching will bring tremendous transformation in the rural areas where syncretism and animism are rife. Just think of what getting an entire Bible with notes in an African context and articles, learn notes, and an extensive topical concordance can do for a pastor who may have owned only had a New Testament previously.
The training will be hosted in Kenema and the 100 pastors will commit to paying their own transport and each contribute $1 to the cost of the Bible. The supplement cost of $20 will be provided by your gifts. Thus, we need your help to raise $2,000 before December to ensure that the Bibles arrive on time for the conference.

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