Africa Study Bibles to Pastors in War-Torn Cameroon

Africa Study Bibles to Pastors in War-Torn Cameroon

Help distressed families hurting from this socio-economic crisis

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3A Bible Society is an interdenominational ministry working to empower pastors and church leaders to be effective in pastoral work. Presently pastors and church leaders in Cameroon are working with internally displaced families due to socio-economic crises that has plagued the country for over two years. The economic situation is so bad that properties have been destroyed and many family members have died.

Thousands of families are displaced from their homes, including pastors. Even the government is depending on the pastoral care of pastors and church leaders to bring hope to these distress families. These pastors need the Africa Study Bible to be effective in their pastoral care for these distressed families.

The Africa Study Bibles will be presented to local pastors and church leaders of ten different church denominations at a day-long training program on using the Africa Study Bible in preaching, teaching, and ministry. 

Funding Needed
In order to meet this need, $1,104 is needed to supply 48 Africa StudyBibles to these pastors serving in western Cameroon. The Bibles will be freely given to the pastors attending the conference.

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