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Equipping Pastors in Malawi on Preaching through the Africa Study Bible

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The church is rapidly growing in Malawi with upwards of 80% Christian population. With this growth, there is a great need for the churches to be rooted in God’s Word and committed to forging disciples that are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. However, most of the pastors leading these growing congregations, lack basic theological training and relevant biblical tools and resources, to draw upon as they lead. 

Kairos Ministries International equips church leaders through conducting pastoral conferences and consultations. Here pastors primarily without theological training, are equipped with skills on expository preaching and its application in the Malawian context, and Biblical reflection while they dialogue on how to address the challenges that confront them in the course of ministry.

Kairos Ministries International will therefore conduct three Proclaim Expository Preaching Regional Conferences beginning in August, in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu, where the Africa Study Bible will be used as a trusted resource to equip the pastors on preaching the whole counsel of God.

Funding Needs
In order to do this $6450 is needed to supply 300 Africa Study Bibles to the pastors that will be trained at these three pastoral conferences on preaching.

Learn more about the Africa Study Bible at www.africastudybible.com.
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