Dr. Jusu's Teacher Evangelist Training Conference

Dr. Jusu's Teacher Evangelist Training Conference

Will you help bring God’s Word to a country that has known civil war, Ebola, and great poverty?

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Dr. John Jusu, the editor of the Africa Study Bible, was born in Sierra Leone and still has deep connections there, with both family and the sponsoring of an orphanage, including 15 children aged 6-7 orphaned by Ebola. 
On December 5th he will conduct a meeting of 400 rural pastors, called “teacher-evangelists,” to equip them with Africa Study Bibles. They are mostly untrained teachers with minimal education who are providing full-pastoral leadership to congregations that will range from about 50 to 160 people while teaching in the mission schools. In all cases they are under resourced and some would have a Bible (donated KJV) as their only theological and biblical resource. These teacher-evangelists do not receive salaries from the churches, and in the past five years many have not received their salaries from the government for their teaching, either. As with 72% of the population in Sierra Leone, they belong to the under-a-dollar-a-day category. 

The Difference You Will Make
Good biblical training in preaching and teaching will bring tremendous transformation in the rural areas where syncretism and animism are rife. Dr. Jusu will present a complete day of training on preparing to teach and preach by using the Africa Study Bible. As Dr. Jusu says, “Before I got my requirements to go to college, I was a teacher evangelist, and I know how that feels." There is the potential to change the lives of thousands through this opportunity. 

While the teacher-evangelists will pay a small part for the day-long conference that will cover travel and additional expenses, we need $20 per Bible for costs and shipping to Bo, the city of the conference. Thus, we need to raise $8,000 for this transforming conference. Will you help bring God’s Word to a country that has known civil war, Ebola, and great poverty?

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