FOCUS Kenya InterVarsity

FOCUS Kenya InterVarsity

Help 5000 students receive God's Word through African Eyes

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Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Kenya is the Kenyan sister to InterVarsity USA and works with over 5000 Christian student leaders in 152 Christian Unions in Universities and Colleges bringing together over 45,000 Christian students across the country. The leaders are tasked with weighty pastoral and administrative roles which they do without formal theological training.

The Difference You Will Make
In the words of George Ogalo, the FOCUS Kenya National Director:
"For a long time, there has been a vacuum for African materials that aid in understanding the Bible. An African perspective is much needed because there are very unique cultural issues that the Bible needs to speak to (like witchcraft, poverty, negative ethnicity, and African Traditional Religions).

Therefore, a study Bible with an African perspective goes a long way in helping African Christians to understand the Bible better and will translate to Africans applying the Bible more appropriately in their context. The Africa Study Bible is therefore the much needed tool for our student leaders who have no formal theological training yet entrusted with a huge task of pastoring other students."

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