Bible School Teacher Training with ASB

Bible School Teacher Training with ASB

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The African Independent Churches have a beautiful sense of community within their local contexts. However, Western intrusion as well as a desire for power and recognition has created division within the church in Africa that is fueled by a lack of trust. Our goals are to see African leaders relying on Biblical truth to guide their leadership in African contexts, and to see these churches viewing themselves as part of the greater world-wide Church: followers of Jesus Christ.

Gifting these pastors with Africa Study Bibles will equip them to lead and learn from God's Word as it applies to their African contexts, and it will allow them to experience what it means to be a part of the greater body of Christ. Making Africa Study Bibles available to African leadership will equip and encourage these leaders to bless others in similar ways of living generously and according to the Truth found in God's Word.

Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa's (ZEMA) focus of ministry is to evangelize and disciple already existing church leaders of African Indigenous Churches, most commonly Zionists. This happens through personal evangelism & discipleship as well as in more formal settings such as our Bible schools (ZEBS and ZBC), and the Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (ZEFA). 

In our 72 satellite Bible schools, we have 70 Zion Bible School teachers, 50 of whom are of African descent. We have 2,200 Bible school students each of whom represent a church or broader denomination. This year we would like to distribute ASBs to our Bible school teachers at our Teacher Training Conference which happens in July.

Funding Needs
In order to ship 72 Africa Study Bibles to the Teacher Training Conference, $2,120 is needed by May 15, 2019.

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