640 Teachers and Pastors in Sudan Need the ASB

640 Teachers and Pastors in Sudan Need the ASB

Goal $14,300

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Why: In the Nuba Mountains, there are 90 tribes, 82 of which are unreached. Furthermore, 73 of these 82 tribes are completely unengaged. There are also over 260 schools. Right now, there is an open door to distribute Bibles in each of the schools within the Nuba Mountains through PEF. Since the teachers do not have text books or anything to teach from, this will actually be used to teach the children how to read English! 
Also, the Pastors there have very little theological training because the seemingly unending war in the area over the last 60 years. Many of the theological colleges have been bombed multiple times and they are desperate for training and resources for effective discipleship.
The Difference You Will Make: The 640 Africa Study Bibles would give the Pastors a tool they desperately need to shepherd their congregations. Evangelists a tool to effectively reach the region, and teachers the tool to transform young lives with the Gospel and proper application.
Funding: $12,800 is required to purchase Bibles for the pastors, teachers, and evangelists in Sudan. An additional $1,500 is estimated to be required to transport the Bibles from the supply depot in Kampala, Uganda by land through Uganda and South Sudan to the Sudan-South Sudan border where they would be hiked across the border 150 miles to the ministry base camp for distribution. 

Learn more about the Africa Study Bible at www.africastudybible.com.
Purchase an Africa Study Bible at www.oasisint.net/buy.

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