More Than A Mile Deep

More Than A Mile Deep

Goal $1080

MMD graduate with an Africa Study Bible
MMD graduate with an Africa Study Bible
Dr. Elesinah Chauke of More Than a Mile Deep (MMD), spends many nights on busses in transit to train pastors and leaders in Zimbabwe. Things in Zimbabwe are really tough right now, and people are working very hard to put food on the table–especially pastors. MMD is training those already in ministry, who have not had formal education, to lead a church. Some of these men and women of God have only one Bible in their household, can you imagine the impact if they had a Bible full of notes that will equip their preaching and teaching?
The Difference You Will Make
48 Bibles are needed for those Elesinah is currently training in vocation and theology. Dr. Elesinah was a review editor for the Africa Study Bible notes, so she knows the content backwards and forwards. She writes,
“It is my conviction that the ASB would be the right instrument for them to use, as most of these pastors do not have other reference books. The ASB is the Bible for them.” 
$1080 for Bibles, shipping and distribution

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