Africa Study Bibles for Chaplains in Nigeria

Africa Study Bibles for Chaplains in Nigeria

Thousands of inmates will be impacted by your gift

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Good News Jail and Prison Ministry is a global organization that places Christian chaplains in jails and prisons to minister to the spiritual needs of inmates and staff. Good News has developed several practical, life-giving programs that introduce inmates and staff to Christ and help them grow in their knowledge of him and His Word.
The branch in Abak, Nigeria is looking to train 72 chaplains with the Africa Study Bible to deepen the understanding and knowledge God's Word among the pastors and increase the leaders’ ministry capacity. 

Good News Jail in Nigeria operates a small Bible College to train pastors and chaplains. The students have a real difficulty to buy text books and other reference materials for their studies. Some do not have money to pay for their school fees. Some could not afford a meal. For these students to have their own personal study Bibles will be a great benefit to them. It will enable them in doing their assignment, in their sermon preparation, and other related studies.

In order to supply 72 Africa Study Bibles to the pastors and chaplains working in this rural area of southern Nigeria, $1,656 is required. Your gift will go a long way to reach inmates and local communities with the love of Christ.

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