Kingdom Celebration Centre

Kingdom Celebration Centre

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Kingdom Celebration Centre is a ministry in a semi-arid, poor area of eastern Kenya. The Centre conducts four classes each year to train pastors and teachers to start new churches in an area of approximately one million people. The Centre is already using the New Living Translationbecause it is easier to read and understand, so combining the notes of the Africa Study Bible with this translation will greatly enhance the ability of the students to learn to preach and teach. Each of the four classes has about 50 students, two offering diplomas and two others offering certificates, with graduations in December. The classes are offered free of charge, since annual incomes are extremely small.
The Difference Your Gift Will Make
These future pastors will receive a unique resource that will equip them for ministry—and it is a resource for which most do not have the money to purchase.
While Bibles are often given as graduation gifts, the Centre would like to start using the Bibles immediately to enhance the teaching. So, while we are asking for 204 Bibles, we will deliver Bibles as soon as we receive enough funds for boxes of 48 copies. This will equip an entire class with this unique resource.

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