International Training and Equipping Ministries

International Training and Equipping Ministries

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International Training and Equipping Ministries (ITEM) is bringing training to untrained church leaders in Africa in order to deepen the church and to advance the gospel of Christ through vibrant, healthy churches, based on Ephesians 4:11-14. As a result of its E-4 strategy, pastors are becoming examples, equippers, and Bible expositors. The Africa Study Bible is a wonderful single-book resource for these pastors, most of whom do not have other Bible study resources. The pastors will learn to preach and teach from a work that helps them understand the Bible in their own contexts.
The Difference Your Gift Will Make
Your gift for Africa Study Bibles will increase the impact of this ministry. Thanks to anonymous donors, the first $1,000 in gifts have been matched. So, now $2,000 will used to provide Africa Study Bibles for 88 pastors and their churches! The pastors will have contextually-relevant resources unmatched by any other biblical help. 
Continuing the effort will purchase even more Bibles to be used in ITEM’s ministry in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Adding to this start will be a tremendous encouragement to the team and a significant help in the work of the ministry.

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