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Africa Study Bible Supervising Editor, Dr. John Jusu, brought 240 Africa Study Bibles to Africa Theological Seminary in Kitale, Kenya. But on the day of the event, more than 340 pastors, teachers, students, and other Christians showed up. In addition, the Seminary has a new class of 40 students who are arriving to study. This is a rural area, where the average wage of those attending is between $25 and $50 per month. However, everyone paid $5 for the teaching and, they hope, for an ASB. As one attendee wrote later, “Though I missed the Africa Study Bible, praying a miracle happens and I get my copy….”  

The difference you will make:
Your gift can make the miracle happen. We need to supplement the cost of 150 more Bibles. The staff has the names of everyone who paid but didn’t yet get a Bible. Since the attendees already paid some money, we can get them Bibles for $17.50 apiece, or for a total cost of $2,625 150 Bibles—and all will receive their Bibles. As with the 240 copies already distributed, your gift will be combined with other gifts to make a significant difference in the preaching and teaching of the Bible.

$2,625 for 150 Bibles, shipping, and distribution ($5,992 US Retail Value)

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