National Association of Christian Educators of Nigeria (NACEN)

National Association of Christian Educators of Nigeria (NACEN)

Goal $30,000

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Did you know that all schools in Nigeria, both primary and secondary, require religious education? So, 4000 Christian teachers belong to the National Association of Christian Educators of Nigeria. At a recent meeting, officials of the association expressed the need to get an Africa Study Bible for each teacher. What an opportunity to impact the next generation of Nigerians!

When you consider that the chief editor, Dr. John Jusu, designed it as a tool to help both pastors and teachers develop their lessons in a way that is culturally contextual, you can see why getting the Africa Study Bible in the hands all Christian teachers in Nigeria is such an important project. It will help hundreds of thousands of Nigerian children see the Scriptures through African Eyes—through their own eyes.
The Difference You Will Make
Christian teachers in public schools in Nigeria will have an all-in-one resource filled with 2600 Proverbs and Stories, Application Notes, Learn Notes, Touch Points, and Articles that will give them both background and teaching points in a way that is truly African. It will also give them a knowledge that Christianity is not just “the white man’s religion” but that Africa played a significant part in the early development of the Christian faith. Yes, teachers aren’t paid a lot of money, so your gifts will make this wide distribution possible.

The association hopes and prays that 2,000 teachers will be able to register to purchase an Africa Study Bible at a supplemented price. We will supplement $15 for the cost of a Bible. If we combine our gifts, whether they be small or large, our $30,000 will be able to help equip Christian teachers in Nigeria with this wonderful teaching resource. 

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