Multi-Church Pastor Institute

Multi-Church Pastor Institute

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The Multi-Church Pastor Institute ( teaches pastors who lead multiple churches all at once. In Africa many pastors must teach their elders to preach, lead, baptize, or lead a funeral service when they are serving in one of their other churches for that Sunday. And, many of these pastors have no formal education themselves. The institute teaches them how to accomplish this daunting task. These pastors often cannot afford the $10 for three days of training, let alone the cost of a 2,000 page Africa Study Bible. The institute plans to use the Bible upon graduation as a gift that will empower their teaching and preaching for years to come. They will be in awe of such a gift from you!

The Difference You Will Make
200 Bibles are needed for 2018 graduates in Kenya and East Africa. The teaching team will transport the Bibles from Nairobi in their four-by-four vehicle into the remote parts of the country where they teach these multi-church-pastors who cannot afford to travel to the city.
“Providing the Africa Study Bible to these pastors will greatly enhance their ability to provide biblical based sermons and nourishment to the congregations their serve." –Philip Morrison, Founder, Multi-Church Pastor Institute

$4,500 for Bibles, shipping and distribution ($7,998 retail value)

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