The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Territory

The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Territory

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Pictured Prof. John Brown (center) with his students.
The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Theological Seminary in Ilesa, Nigeria is a vibrant growing denomination that is hungry to grow in their knowledge of Christ. Their leaders are taught at the seminary at Lawna, the same place where over a hundred thousand people gather for celebration and Bible camp ( Many of these students are already pastors that have a church income of $1 a day. Most pastors in this mega-movement of thousands of churches have no formal theological education. But, here is the exciting part. Their pastors want to know and study God’s Word!

The Difference You Will Make
Your support will distribute 330 Bibles for 2018 graduates, 30 teachers, and important alumni. By equipping the future leaders of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, you can bring biblical teaching and application to the next generation of leaders which can empower an entire movement.
“Our pastors and teachers will now become very efficient in relating God’s word to the African people and their culture. The Africa Study Bible is going to revolutionize the way our choruses are formed, framed, and interpreted." –Prof. John Brown, President, The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Theological Seminary, Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria

$6,600 for Bibles, Shipping and distribution ($13,197 retail value)

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