300 Leaders in Africa Need ASBs

300 Leaders in Africa Need ASBs

Help make a difference in the lives of IFES World Assembly leaders

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The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students–IFES (called Intervarsity in the USA) is a movement of committed young people in over 160 countries. Their vision is to create communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel and impacting the university, the Church, and society for the glory of Christ.

IFES World Assembly takes place every four years, gathering IFES students, faculty, staff and board members from all over the globe. God has used this gathering in remarkable ways to further gospel, mission, and ministry in the world’s universities. The Africa Leadership Study found that IFES was perhaps the greatest influence in building future Christian leaders around the continent. 

The Difference You Will Make
IFES has requested 300 national directors and student leaders attending from almost every country in Africa take home an Africa Study Bible. In fact, IFES organization is in the Bible as a partner! It is imperative to equip these leaders with this essential tool. 

The World Assembly will be in Bela Bela/Limpopo, South Africa and 300 attendees and volunteers need your help in receiving an Africa Study Bible. Oasis President Dr. Matthew Elliott will be attending and will personally ensure that each African student leader goes home equipped with one. Help us raise the $9100 needed by July 2019.

Learn more about the Africa Study Bible at www.africastudybible.com.
Purchase an Africa Study Bible at

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